President's Message

Nancy L. Hargroves

May 2018

NGC 2017-2019 President Nancy L. Hargroves

Dear Members,

The next big event for National Garden Clubs is its annual convention in Philadelphia on May 21-24. Philadelphia is known as America’s Garden Capital with more than thirty (30) gardens within thirty (30) miles. With this administration’s focus on gardening, how appropriate that our meeting is in this part of our country!

The members of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania have the wealth of these garden venues and resources to use for planning a meeting with exceptional speakers and tours – and May is a glorious time of year for many gardens in that area. There will be a tour to Longwood Gardens on Sunday, May 20, before the Convention begins so that everyone may take advantage of seeing one of the premiere gardens in the United States. More details about the convention schedule and registration information can be found on the NGC website at

This Spring projects were begun by the twenty-eight (28) clubs that received the PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grants. There was an overwhelming response to this new NGC Program with 415 garden clubs submitting an application. This is wonderful that so many clubs are active in their communities. These projects will be featured in future issues of Keeping in Touch, The National Gardener and on NGC’s social media sites.

This level of response shows the needs of NGC’s clubs. One of our roles as a national organization is to support our clubs in accomplishing our mission. NGC must do all it can to expand the funding for these grants to help clubs all across the country with their projects.

In order for this fund to increase so that NGC can give more grants, P. Allen Smith is providing a fundraising opportunity for PLANT AMERICA Grants. He offered his gardening and business advice and expertise for the plant selection, for obtaining the plants and for the method of distribution to our members. He believes in our organization’s purpose and mission and has helped develop this promotion in many ways by giving his time, his staff’s time and by donating a very generous percentage of the sales.

I am very proud to announce that from now until June 15, National Garden Clubs will be selling plants selected by P. Allen Smith. This promotion, entitled Inspiring Gardens Across America, includes three different collections of plants. Each item was chosen because of a special feature in its hybridization for performance or beauty or for its limited availability in the general marketplace. More detailed descriptions of these plants are included in the brochure/order form that is in this publication on pages 3 and 4.

Orders can be placed in two ways:

  1. NGC Online Shopping - Click here to order by credit card in Member Services
  2. Mail a check with the order form to: NGC headquarters, 4401 Magnolia Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

This promotion is not meant to be “We’ve got a bargain for you.” These are quality items chosen by P. Allen Smith that he knows will perform well in your home and garden or as a gift for someone. Allen and NGC share the goal of “Inspiring Gardens Across America” by contributing to the PLANT AMERICA Grant Fund so that we may give as much help as possible to NGC-member garden clubs in their projects all across America.

I hope you will join me in two things this Spring: coming to the NGC Convention where LOVE Blooms in Philadelphia and helping grow the NGC PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grants Fund by purchasing some of your spring gardening plants and gifts from NGC. Thank you for your support, as all of us working together can benefit so many of our garden clubs throughout the country.

Nancy L. Hargroves
President 2017-2019
National Garden Clubs, Inc.