Plant America

Inspiring Gardens Across The Americas

The theme for President Nancy Hargroves's administration is Plant America, a singularly focused initiative on gardens and gardening. Both a call to service and a description of what NGC clubs do, Plant America supports the main reason that people say they join a garden club - to learn about gardening!

Covering any and every aspect of gardening, horticulture, garden design, and community service, it applies to every kind of garden: Blue Star plantings, vegetable gardens, community gardens, container gardening, neighborhood plantings, urban farms, low-water xeriscape gardens, etc.

Projects in local communities are what distinguish us from the work of other gardening organizations. Towns, cities, neighborhoods, and roadsides across the United States are all beneficiaries of National Garden Clubs projects.

In order to provide a vehicle to financially support the activities of our member clubs, a new grant program entitled "Plant America Community Project Grants" is being established to provide funding for new or existing projects of NGC member clubs in their respective communities across the United States. This will be a permanent fund with grants being awarded during each two-year administration. The goal for the fund is to become a self-sustaining endowment fund like the NGC Scholarship fund providing funding levels that make a significant impact in large projects.

In order that the members of National Garden Clubs see the immediate benefits of this grant program for their projects, the first grants will be given during the 2017-2019 administration.

Not only will the community projects funded from it enhance our nation, but, through project publicity, signage and materials bearing the Plant America logo, it provides the possibility of making our organization more visible. See the requirements for obtaining a grant here.

The Saved Seed children's book from NGCIn keeping with the Plant America theme a new Youth book, "The Saved Seed" has been written to support garden clubs work with young children in teaching the life cycle of seed plants. The book uses colorfully illustrated pages and a lyrical story format to teach young children that seeds originally come from nature.

The story follows a seed saved from carving a pumpkin on Halloween through the seasons and gardening steps that transform it into a vine with new pumpkins for the next Halloween. Click here for more information.

To offer our members opportunities to expand their vision of what a garden can be, we are providing annual tours to experience a variety of gardens in the United States through our NGC Sponsored Tours. In April 2018 we will visit gardens in Atlanta, Georgia. Click here. for more information.

We invite you to join us in our journey to Plant America by participating with us in local clubs, trips, and projects. Find an aspect of gardening that intrigues you and jump in! Let us know how we can help. Contact any of our sub-committee chairmen for more information, or contact me directly.

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For more information, contact:
Betty Cookendorfer, Chairman: Plant America